[Coding & Debugging]

"Talk Is Cheap, Show Me The Code"

These exciting initiatives create incentives that excite young people in gaining technology skills to develop solutions to the world's most pressing problems. Youth are nutured, recognized for thier achievements and are encouraged to build critical life skills that will stay with them long after they participate in these events.


  • Individual Participation.
  • Languages usable are C, C++ and Java.
  • Any number of participants can participate from one college.
  • Participants should keep their front camera and mic ON during the entire session and should share the screen at all times.
  • Platform for conducting the events will be disclosed on the day of event.
  • Any malpractice will lead to disqualification.

Dr. Muruganantham A

Faculty Co-ordinator

+91 8105638113


Mr Mycal A

Student Co-ordinator

+91 7259260541


Ms Melza Geno I

Student Co-ordinator

+91 8050224834


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