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[GAMING](Valorant Online)

“Where Bits Meet Blitz”

Our Valorant Tournament is more than a competition; it's a gathering of gaming enthusiasts, an opportunity to forge new alliances, and a celebration of the esports spirit. Join us for an adrenalinepumping experience where pixels turn into glory, and every play is a step closer to victory. May the best team emerge triumphant, and may the gaming vibes resonate long after the final match!


  • The event will be conducted online(Except for Grand Finale).
  • Participants should be students of the same institute.
  • Each round will be an elimination.
  • Moderators’ decision will be final.
  • Cheating and disrespectful behavior is not entertained and might lead to disqualification
  • Participants must bring their own laptops and peripherals.

  • Event Schedule:
    Prelims & Finals (On-Premises) - 09th february: The final round will take place on the premises, bringing together the top participants for a face-to-face competition.

  • Please fill the Google form after registration (registration completion screenshot required for validation purposes) *each participant must fill form individually.

Mr. Edric Alvin S

Student Co-ordinator

+91 9538035681


Mr. Avin Saji

Student Co-ordinator

+91 6238549453


Mr. Bhavesh S

Student Co-ordinator


Mr. Melvin Joshva

Student Co-ordinator


Dr. Prakash K

Faculty Co-ordinator


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