[IT Quiz]

"The Fusion of Sharp Minds and IT Wizardry"

Get geared up to embark on an exhilarating journey through the vast landscape of technology with Technotrek! This isn't your ordinary IT Quiz; it's a thrilling expedition into the heart of innovation and digital prowess. Brace yourself to showcase your tech acumen, crack challenging puzzles, and delve deep into the realm of information technology. Technotrek is an electrifying experience, where every question unlocks new possibilities and your passion for IT becomes the spotlight of the day!


  • Technotrek will be a group Event
  • Only 2 teams are allowed to participate.
  • Each team should have two members. Individual participation not allowed.
  • If a team is unable to provide two members in any round, they will be disqualified.
  • Malpractice is strictly prohibited. If we found any, the team will be disqualified.
  • Judge’s decision is final.

  • Please fill the Google form after registration (registration completion screenshot required for validation purposes) *any one from the team can fill the form.

  • Two Rounds will be there.
    Round 1: Preliminary (Aptitude).
    Round 2: Final Round.

Mr. Akshay V

Student Co-ordinator

+91 7012203677


Mr. Shaon Kundu

Student Co-ordinator

+91 6289975877


Mr. Hrishikesh Ghosh

Student Co-ordinator


Mr. Jeffry M Joshua

Student Co-ordinator


Dr. Velmurugan R

Faculty Co-ordinator


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