Duelling Directors


”Lights, Camera, Creative Clash!”

Step into the world of visual storytelling at "Duelling Directors" – an electrifying event where two directors go head-to-head, showcasing their unique filmmaking styles. Witness creativity clash and brilliance unfold in this dynamic celebration of cinematic artistry. Join us for an evening of inspiration, rivalry, and the magic of filmmaking!


  • Duelling Directors is an Individual competition.
  • Participants should assemble in the respective venues 10 minutes before submission.
  • Make sure you are not disturbing any classes and events.
  • The video should be 3 minutes.
  • Video should be in landscape.
  • Participants will not be allowed to attend the Event without the college ID Card.
  • Timely submissions and theme-related video will only be considered.
  • No Vulgarity in the video is entertained.
  • Usage of Drones is strictly prohibited

  • Please fill the Google form after registration (registration completion screenshot required for validation purposes) *any one from the team can fill the form.

Mr. Pranav K H

Student Co-ordinator

+91 7012255109


Ms. Saloni Gaidhane

Student Co-ordinator

+91 8308614427


Ms. Meghana M

Student Co-ordinator


Mr. Abhimanyu R

Student Co-ordinator


Ms. Divya M O

Faculty Co-ordinator


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